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Do you enjoy reading books? Watching the latest DVD’s? Still spending $20 for a book? $3 to rent a movie? $20 to buy a dvd? Perhaps it’s time you checked out these two sites.

All you do is make a list of the dvd’s that you want and the dvd’s that you have and peerflix matches those lists so that you send dvd’s off. Each dvd that you send off gets you peerpoints that you can then use to receive dvd’s from other users. Each dvd you receive costs you $0.99. The only other expense is the shipping as you are responsible for that as well. The mailers are very similar to the Netflix mailers so shipping is only $0.39. At $1.38, that’s still a lot cheaper than renting. Best part? The movies that you trade for are yours. You own them. Keep them if you want.

Bookins works on a similar method. Each book you receive costs $3.99 for shipping. Each book you send is free. Again, points are assigned to each title and the trades work on a equal points program. So that hardback novel you just finished is worth 20 points and those three paperback romance novels you are getting are worth 10, 5 and 5 points respectively. It’s a three for one.

Make sure you check both of the sites out. Some really good programs that can save you a bundle if you use already buy a lot of books or dvds.

[disclaimer: A Penny Saved is an affiliate of Peerflix.]

Table of Contents

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