I’ve finally decided that it’s time to move some of my savings to an internet bank with the much higher rates.  How much higher?  My Credit Union only pays 0.25% on my savings right now.  They do offer another account that is tiered and would pay up to 2.75%, however I don’t have the amount of money in there to do so.  So, the question I have is which online bank to use?

After a quick comparison, HSBC and Emigrant direct come in at 4.80% and 4.50% respectively.  HSBC is a introductory offer that ends on April 30, but I can’t see them dropping it much lower than that afterwards.  ING, the other one I added to the comparison didn’t even come close at 3.80%.  Have any of you had any experiences with either HSBC or Emigrant that you would care to share?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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