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JLP over at AllThingsFiscal posted on Building a personal finance blog and it spurred me to write this post. I’ve been running my personal blog at thatedeguy for about 8-9 months, I’ve been writing on Supergeekblog for about 1 month less than that and I began my financial journey here on A penny saved at the beginning of the year. JLP geared it more towards a personal finance blog, and many of those same principals are universal across many of the different areas.

Point 6 has been the most beneficial to A penny saved specifically. I have never used carnivals with my other three blogs, but began using carnivals almost immediately on A penny saved. While the traffic that a carnival sends is almost always a spike that is quick and short, usually lasting only for that day, the readership and linkage benefits are enormous. With each carnival, A penny saved gets a new link and hopefully picks up at least one new repeat reader. Each reader can be a potential boon for a blog.

JLP’s other points are just as important for growing a new blog, but the carnival is the one tool that I found to be the most helpful for personal finance blogs in particular.

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