Disclaimer: I was contacted by the person that runs AlexsCoupons.com and asked to review it here. In doing so, I was not asked to be biased in any way. I have no intention of being biased in any way, not in this solicited review or any other review.

AlexsCoupons is a very well put together site with links to many, many money saving coupons, codes, sites, and auctions. A good deal of the links are affiliate links, but as long as they save me money I don’t care if someone else makes money off of it. A portion of all of the proceeds made from the site are donated to the Charity of the month. The charities are valid.

A snippet from the email:

Alex’s Coupons is a website that offers the latest deals and coupons to
consumers, while also educating them about Childhood Cancer. Each day
7000-10,000 people visit Alex’s Coupons to save thousands of dollars at
over 1000 stores. I started Alex’s Coupons back in 2001 to help raise
money for my daughter Alexandra’s treatment for Acute Myelogenous
Leukemia. Alex was diagnosed with AML on 11/10/98 at the age of 10
months and over the past seven years has undergone two Cord Blood
Transplants, multiple rounds of chemo, total body irradiation,
experimental treatment, etc… Alex is currently 3 years post 2nd Cord
Blood Transplant and aside from some long term side effects from the
radiation (e.g. cataracts; short term memory problems) is doing quite

The site was intended to do good things and continues to do good things. It is worth a look.

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