There’s only 21 days left.  Where’s your squawk box portfolio challenge portfolio at?  I managed to lose a little ground over the last few days.  I screwed up actually.  I’m fairly heavily invested into Google.  I bought in at about $404 and ignored the desire to sell when it hit nearly $425 last week.  Well, chalk it up for a lesson learned.  GOOG is now down below $394 and doesn’t appear to be going back up anytime soon.  There goes about $30,000 in portfolio value.

On a brighter note, I’ve managed to keep my portfolio above the 1 million mark almost the entire time. It’s currently sitting at 1,013,378.00.  Not great, but good enough to be in the top 40% of the contest.  My feeling on that is that there were a few people who lost big right away and abandoned their portfolio and that there are a few who signed up and never bought anything so they sit at 1 million still.  At this point, the leader of the game is well over 2 million and I’ve given up hope of winning the Mazerati, but I’m gonna stick with it and see if I can’t keep growing the portfolio a little.  Maybe I’ll buy more Google. ;)

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