This Sunday random review is brought to you by the word “Inchoate”. defines it as meaning “imperfectly formed”.  And yes, I had to look it up.  The random review recipient today is Inchoate Random Abstractions.

The blogger who runs the joint calls her self IRA, which convienently enough is a financially based acronym as well as an acronym for the blog itself.  Forethought anyone?  IRA is a self proclaimed “thirtysomething, single, female, corporate guppie.”

Her posts lean to the informal side of things, but are often informative and contain content that is original.  She seems careful to add her opinion or additional content to anything that she brings in from outside Inchoate.  She posts very nearly every day seeming to only really take weekends off.

Overall, the blog is well written with plenty of posts and original content.  Most definetely worth a look and maybe a add to your feed reader too.

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