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I finally broke down and went through with signing up for an Ebay Store.  It’s been a long time coming.  My wife and I started getting a little more serious about out side show ebay efforts last summer and it has escalated since then.

It really isn’t all that hard, and just the addition of the selling manager has been fun.  The greatest boon is the reduced listing fees.  Of course they are offset by the $15.95 a month for the store, but if you list enough items and sell a good portion of them, the profits will outweigh the costs and we’ll end up coming ahead on the deal.  It’s only been about 36 hours and I’ve got about 70-80 items listed as store inventory and another 35ish listed in auction format.  Should be interesting to see how it turns out.  We’ll try it for a month or so and reassess the whole thing then.

Has anyone else had any luck with an Ebay Store?  What is a normal amount for most as far as listings go?  I’ve heard some people say that they try and have nearly 300 listed at any one time.  It might be a while before we get to that level, but I have no doubt that if we continue like we have, we will reach it.

If you want to take a look… Thatedeguy’s Ebay Store

It’s still pretty plain jane, as I haven’t done much for custom headers and such yet, but it’s the product that counts right?

Table of Contents

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