3 Days Left!  Get your final moves in now while you still can.  Ok.  If your anything like me, your final move is to give up and forget the pathetic showing you made.  With all the turmoil lately in the stock market, my portfolio took a beating.

Like I mentioned in Update 3, I’m pretty heavy into Google and missed my opportunity to sell for the swing that I wanted.  Now of course, it’s down nearly $30 from where I bought in and so, my only hope is that they do something spectacular over the next three days to help me recoup some of my imaginary money.

So, where do I sit?

Total Value of Portfolio: $987,537.45

Surprisingly, that’s still good for being better than 50% of the participants.  I guess I can live with that. Of course, we’ll see how it all ends up in the final few days.

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