After looking at it, it’s a little bit like American Idol on e-Trade. For as little as $10 plus transaction cost, you can invest in a band.

The Amsterdam-based company allows fans — or what Sellaband calls “believers” — to invest in unsigned acts in $10 increments. Once an act reaches $50,000, it is given access to a recording studio and professional production, song-writing and marketing expertise.

Appearantly, it’s gaining popularity as there is a big banner on the front page as of this writing celebrating the first band to reach $50k. Investors in that band will get a free copy of the CD, a cut of the revenue, and a share of all advertising revenue generated on from the band’s downloads.

All investments are held in escrow until a band reaches $50,000 and can be moved from one band to another until the band reaches 50k.

Begin investing in Bands today at SellaBand!

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