Carnival of Personal Finance #79

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Well, I’ve been waiting for a while to be the host of the Carnival of Personal Finance. It’s the crown jewel of money carnivals garnering so many submissions that it borders on overwhelming. I’m about to try and do it justice. If I don’t, please forgive me.

Well, that was quite the list of participants wasn’t it? I’m tired from all the typing and reading. I haven’t picked any favorites as there were just way too many to read each one thoroughly enough to make that decision. I did eliminate a few that were duplicate submissions and submissions where the same author submitted more than one entry. Sorry, but them’s my rules.

Maybe you all should pick some favorites! Speaking of favorites, be sure to check out the list of favorite posts here at A Penny Saved that is sitting over to the right. I’m sure you’ll find a few good entries. Also pay attention to the Related Posts section at the end of each post as it can help you find some other great A Penny Saved articles.

Table of Contents

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