Each and every March, millions around the globe gather together to fill out their brackets and start making their picks for March Madness.  The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the highest gambled sports events going.  While the Blog Madness Tournament isn’t quite up to that standard, it’s still a little fun.

For whatever reason, A Penny Saved has been selected to participate in this years Blog Madness.  It’s an honor and really does look like a lot of fun.  A Penny Saved is the 5th seed in the lower right quadrant of the bracket and by some unlucky stroke I’ve been put up against The Frugal Duchess herself in the very first challenge.  I’m completely outmatched, but maybe with my readers help in voting I can manage a slim victory?

Voting opens up later this week and I’ll let you know when you can go over and start voting on the blogs.  Each of us submits a favorite post from the last year and those are the ones you get to vote on to determine the winner.

Good luck to everyone!

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