So. I took a trip on over to today to see what’s hopping in the pfblog community. I always take a look at the popular posts when I visit, because that’s where the hot topics reside. Or so I thought. It turns out that at some point the popular posts lists on became paid lists.

Take a close look at the header of the list when you visit the popular post list next time. It says “Latest entries or all weblogs, today’s popular items from friends.” I’m sure that the editors of will bill it as a featuring of the “friends” of, but now that being a friend of is a paid option, that feature is barely better than paid advertising. Sure, they have to get x clicks to get on the list, friend or not, but if only the PAID friends show up in the popular list, it isn’t really the most popular posts anymore is it?

In the little over a year that I’ve been blogging here at A Penny Saved, I’ve watched go from being a really great service to becoming all about the money. I can understand needing money for hosting and bandwidth. It becomes expensive when you are as popular as has become.

I didn’t complain much when the friends got gold stars and red backgrounds. Sure, they pay a little so they should get a little bit of bling to make them stand out a bit. However, when I go to look at the most popular posts list that previously had shown posts from ALL of the listed blogs, and it isn’t, I lose a lot of trust for What else have they changed without notice? (Yes, without notice. There was no notification of the change to the list on their blog or anywhere else that I can find)

Instead of being a great service, has become a bloated list that is catering to it’s friends and pushing the rest of us away. I already have decreased my visiting, and without an honest popular list, I doubt I’ll make it over there very often at all.

How bout you? Did you know you had to pay to become popular on Makes for a good friends membership drive doesn’t it? “Wanna be popular? Gotta Pay.” Sounds a lot like something you’d hear in high school if you ask me.

P.S. If you’re thinking of using the pot calling the kettle black argument, don’t. At least I disclose when something is being paid for.

UPDATE: As claimed by the webmaster of in the comments, the popular lists now include ALLblogs. I’ve verified and they do include all blogs now.

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