I’m always up for trying something new, especially when it could mean more money coming in. And doubly so when it could mean a passive income stream.

My latest test subject is Fotolia. Basically, it’s a stock photography service. When publishers are looking for photos for their advertisements, books, magazines, and other print and web media, they go to a stock photography service to find them. They pay the service for the rights to reprint the photo and the service in turn pays the photographer a royalty based on the sales of his/her photos.

I’m no professional photographer, so I obviously don’t have the portfolio to sell from one of the big stock houses. Luckily for me, there are services like Fotolia that specialize in the less well known photographers. The pay is no where near the same, but it at least gives the opportunity to hobbyist photographers to earn a little money from their photos.

I just finally uploaded a few of my photos this weekend and they have yet to be reviewed by the Fotolia staff for inclusion in the directory. If they are accepted, they become available for purchase nearly immediately. If they aren’t accepted, I have the option of submitting them into their free directory where the pay is far less and is based upon a revenue share of sorts.

I won’t be replacing any true income source through Fotolia, but I might make enough to add a little to my bottom line. Maybe.

While it doesn’t currently show any photos, my portfolio can be seen here.

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