The cost of not doing yard work

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If you’re like me and just about every other home owning person I know, spring means it’s time for yard work.  And with that usually comes the enemy of you and me, procrastination.  It’s easier to put off doing the yardwork until another day.  The lawn isn’t that tall.

But this isn’t a post about procrastination is it?  Well, not really.  What it is about is how not doing the yard work yourself can cost your pocketbook.  So lets take a look.

First, if you’re not going to do your yardwork, you’ve got to hire someone to do it for you.  If you’re lucky, you’ve got a small lawn and it only costs you about $50 a month for all the necessary care.  Of course, it’s exponentially more expensive when you start talking about having someone do more than mowing your lawn.  Gardening, planting, fertilizing, and watering are all things that really could be done and for the right price can be done.

Let’s look a little deeper.  You’re not getting any exercise by not doing your own yard work.  So, either you get no exercise, or you pay for a membership to a gym.  That can start at about $25 a month and go up from there.  Now, you’re putting out $75 a month.  And if you’re not going to a gym?  Well, we won’t try and break down the cost of the heart attack in 30 years.  Or the myriad of other illnesses and sicknesses that you might come along  if you don’t get your exercise.

Even at $75 a month, it’s enough to put a pretty good dent into a bill.

Table of Contents

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