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Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories, Edition #17.  I was kindly asked to host this time around, and happily agreed.  There were a total of 15 submissions to the carnival this week, but I could only accept 9.  The Carnival of Money Stories is focused on personal money related stories – so there needs to be a personal touch.  Here are the 9 great posts that I picked – be sure to check them all out and leave your comments:

  • MoneyNing explains what he could have done when his checking account balance read a whopping $4.32, and he had bills to pay.  It’s a tough spot to be in, but there are ways to get by.
  • Super Saver from My Wealth Builder writes about his/her daughter’s alternate form of currency – a pretty neat look into a kid’s world.
  • Free Money Finance writes about what makes people happy – sometimes it isn’t just about the money.
  • Stephanie over at Stop the Ride cracked the $300 monthly mark in online earnings this past month – congratulations.  Time to save that money or pay off some debt.
  • Nina at Queercents talks about how it can be difficult when your partner out-earns you.  Her first partner made thirty times what she did – wow!
  • Trent from The Simple Dollar relates a story about one of his readers and her very difficult financial situation.  Any time you couple crushing debt with medical problems, there’s bound to be trouble.
  • Cheap as Chips tells a story about his first house – and how his father’s loan made it all possible.  Nice to have a dad who will help you out like that – not all parents are generous enough to do so.
  • The Silicon Valley Blogger writes about how the real estate bubble is surrounding her – right in her own neighborhood.
  • Active Duty Military Money and Matters writes about his recent experience with USAA.  I’m a huge USAA fan, and have nothing but great things to say about them, in my experience.

Whew, I didn’t even have time to write up my own submission.  I’ll have to make sure I get in for the next edition of Money Stories, which will be hosted Monday over at Sushi Money, so be sure to keep your eyes open. You can submit your money stories here.  Remember – keep it personal, and you’re good to go.


Table of Contents

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