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Many of A Penny Saved’s readers are married, I’m sure – I for one am happily married.  At some point in a marriage ( hopefully before you say I do ), the issue of finances will come up.  The question that a lot of people are asking these days is “Should my spouse and I combine our finances, or maintain separate accounts?”

If the answer to this question is anything other than “We’re getting married, so our accounts should be combined”, then I think the couple in question really needs to reconsider their marriage plans.  Marriage is a team effort, if you will.  Both partners need to be on the same page financially, working toward the same goals.  Having split accounts, and splitting the expenses will just cause problems in 99% of cases.  It will become a constant argument of ” I’m not spending my money on that” and ridiculous things like that.  When one spouse makes significantly more than another, things can get even hairier.

My opinion may not win me any awards, and I know it’s not universally popular.  But I will remain stubborn in this regard – if you cannot trust your fiance 100% with your finances, and agree to combine your finances & accounts, then you have absolutely no business getting married.  Money will become an issue, and it could easily end your marriage.  Trust is the most important thing in a marriage, and without it, there’s no point.

For a different point of view, check out Lazy Man’s post on the same subject.  Though we don’t agree at all on this one, I find his point of view interesting.


Table of Contents

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