Every month, I spend an absolutely absurd amount of money on food and groceries.  I buy food for a family of 3 ( Wife, son, and myself ), and I rarely come in under the $1,000 per month mark for food.  It’s horrible.  I know that a huge part of my problem is that we eat out way to much – it shows in my budget, and it my waistline, which has nudged upwards a bit in the past few months.  But even without the eating out expense, my grocery spending is way, way beyond what I think it should be.

So, now that I admit I have a problem, what can I do about it?  For starters, eating out is going to be a twice-per-month venture now.  I’m also going to start bringing my lunch to work again – “brown bagging” it, as some say.  Subway is nice, but awfully expensive when you add it up over time.  More chicken and less beef at home ( chicken costs less, at least ’round these parts ).

Groceries are truly a mystery to me though.  I buy store brand when I can – some store brands just aren’t as good as brand names.  I do drink a lot of soda which I’m sure doesn’t help… but I buy when it’s on sale.  I need to switch back to Sam’s Cola or something really.  It’s much, much cheaper, and doesn’t taste a whole lot different.

Overall, I have a lot of work to do.   Food is undoubtedly the weakest part of my budget, and something I need to work on, starting today.

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