Most energy-saving tips are catered toward homeowners, who have greater flexibility in what they can and can’t do to save energy.  Instead of following that road, these tips will work for everyone – so apartment folks, pay attention.  That is, if you want to spend less money on electricity every month.  Note: I’m not big on making up statistics, so you won’t see “This tip will reduce your bill by X%.”  Quite frankly I have no idea what percentage you’ll save, just that you will save money if you follow these tips.  Read and enjoy :

  • Buy and install curtains – As long as your apartment allows it, buying curtains is a must.  Especially if you live in a warm climate ( I’m in Southern Texas ), anything to keep the heat out is a bonus.
  • Get used to 78 Degrees – I’m guilty of putting the thermostat on 68 and piling on the blankets, I admit it.  Your air conditioning has to work significantly harder at 70 or even 74 degrees than it does at 78.  More work means more energy, which means a higher bill.  Get used to a slightly warmer temperature, and your wallet will thank you.
  • Wear less clothing –  This one ties in closely with the above tip.  If you wear less clothes, you won’t be as hot.  Now I’m not saying it’s time to become a nudist.  If that’s your thing, then congratulations.  But most of us have kids and that’s not really an option.  But you can dress lightly – a light tee-shirt and shorts will usually do the trick.
  • Swap your regular light bulbs for fluorescent – Fluorescent bulbs use only a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs use – and provide nearly as much light.  In addition, fluorescent bulbs don’t produce heat, which will reduce the workload on your air conditioning system.  That’s just an added bonus, my friend.
  • Use the ceiling fans – Not all apartments have them, but if yours does,  you need to take advantage of it.  You’d be surprised how much less A/C you’ll use if you keep the fans moving.

That’s all for now.  These tips won’t make you rich if you pick and choose.  In fact, they won’t make you rich if you use all of them.  But you will save a good chunk off your electricity bill each and every month.  And I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a lower electric bill – do you?

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