Perhaps I was getting a bit ahead of myself with that last post. What exactly do I mean by temporal freedom?

Temporal freedom is financial freedom’s older cousin. Because time and money have a deeply intertwined relationship (though they are in no way equivalent), if you have financial freedom, you most likely have temporal freedom as well, and vice versa. Temporal freedom is the freedom to spend your time however you please. As uncertain as money is, time is even more uncertain still, which makes it very precious. The sooner I can make my time mine again (ie, quit the day job), the better. I could then work on alternative projects that still bring in income, but don’t require me to sell my life away to the 8-to-5 way and that I have a much greater personal interest in. Such independence would require a strong financial base to protect me against the perceived chaos and insecurity–though whether or not this is actually a less secure model than having a traditional job is certainly up for debate.

Financial freedom is my goal; temporal freedom is the reason for the goal. I’m young now, but I know I’m not going to be that way forever. I want to get all the value I can out of every moment of my life! It’s just as important to be frugal with your time as it is with your money. What are frugal uses of time?

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