My family and I were in Target buying a birthday gift when all of a sudden there were like a dozen employees standing around with a trainer explaining to them how to “help” customers. Being naturally curious I listened in for awhile. What these new employees were really being trained to do was not help customers but to sell them more products.

If you ask a Target employee for help about diapers, they are supposed to also mention or ask if you need wipes.  If you need help in electronics about a DVD player, the employee will ask you if you have cables. It was one big sales training event.

It was a reminder to me that salespeople are really there to help the company, not necessarily there to help you – unless, like I said, it helps the company. So the next time you are shopping at Target, or anywhere for that matter, remember that a sales person’s “help” comes at a price. Don’t let them sell you what you don’t need. Know what you want / what you need and stick to it.

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