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I said I was done with my taxes – I have even received my Tax return check. But I need to refile – not just my 2010 return, but my returns for 2006 through 2010!  The reason? The federal government, through the Affordable Care Act, has changed the adoption tax credit. Unlike previous years, the new credit is refundable, meaning that eligible taxpayers can get it even if they do not owe tax for that year. The credit can also be rolled over from previous years. So…I am going to file amended tax forms for 2006-2010 so that I can claim the newly refundable credit! After a little digging on Saturday, I worked the numbers and we could be getting a $5400 check from Uncle Sam!

I will probably pay someone to help me refile. Over those years I used a tax preparer from Michigan, did it on paper by hand, and used two different software makers (H&R Block and TurboTax). I think it might be easier to use someone local and help me to mail it all in with the supporting documentation. I have a friend who works at an office that does taxes so i will probably go there.

I try not to get to excited, but boy, even if I have to pay a lot for multiple years, receiving an extra $5000 would be really sweet. I’ll keep you posted!

Table of Contents

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