Adoption Credit Update

I spent Saturday reviewing our adoption expenses, gathering the bills, and totaling each year’s expenses so I could see how much we could expect to get back because of the change in the adoption credit for 2010. It looks like we will get back $5,400!

On Sunday, I talked to a young lady that does taxes that is in the Adult Bible Fellowship class that I teach. She was very helpful and said she would call me on Monday with some info. She did, and she could squeeze me in on Wednesday to file the necessary tax returns. It’s nice to have friends who can help you out in a pinch! My returns have to be filed before April 18 or I lose a year to be able to file!

On Tuesday evening I pulled our tax returns for 2006 through 2010 and went through them, making sure all the necessary forms were there, w-2′s, and any other documentation that I thought might be needed. I also needed to pull our original adoption certificates and our legal guardian papers – the government requests copies for verification purposes.

On Wednesday at 8:30 am we began tackling the returns we needed to refile to get the credit: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. It took two hours, and my friend still has a little more work, plus another person will review it for accuracy. I am soooooo glad I went with a tax preparer. It would have been a nightmare to try and do this all by myself, especially since I had used various ways of filing my taxes in the past: H&R block, Turbo Tax, and by hand the one year.

On Sunday my friend will bring me the paperwork to sign, then it gets mailed. It will probably take a few months until we see a check. For one, there is a threat of a government shut-down that will hold things up. Then there is them going through every return and verifying my paperwork and documentation – the government is being very particular with this area. Hopefully by June we will have $5400 in our bank account!

So now we sit back and wait. I hate waiting!

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