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Once again we took our car in for a repair. This time it was our Ford Explorer (other vehicle is GMC Safari). On a recent trip the air conditioning went out. Now, this is not a have to have, but it did make things very uncomfortable, especially this summer and our recent heat wave. As part of my job I do some local traveling, and it is tough going from my church office to hospitals or people’s homes and then be all sweaty – it doesn’t make for nice visits!

The bill will probably be close to $1000 (will not get the final bill for a few weeks – thankfully!), and this will for all practicality wipe out our emergency fund. It has been a rough year for that fund with multiple car repair bills and hospital visits. But except for our mortgage we are still out of debt! So we will just plug along and keep trying to rebuild the fund.

I have started taking some notes for when I redo my budgets for next year – yes that is several months away but I don’t want to forget! With our older cars we definitely need to put more aside in the car budget category. Right now it pays for gas and oil and some minor car needs, but there is not enough in it for any major bills like this.I hope to increase this budget significantly next year so that at least some of these repair bills can be covered.

Although I could complain (and I sometimes do!), we don’t have car payments and that is something I am thankful for. And even though we have had a few repair bills this year, it is still cheaper than a monthly car payment. We are probably getting to the point though where in a year or two, depending on repairs, we will have to consider making a purchase. But until then we will enjoy the cars we have – and keep saving up for the next one.

Table of Contents

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