Started My Taxes

My meeting last night was canceled because of bad weather, so I had a free night. How sad that I would spend a free night starting my taxes! The last…Continue Reading →

Turbo Tax Review

I just finished doing my taxes with Turbo Tax and I was very impressed with the ease of use of…


Quarterly Review

Every quarter I like to take a look at how we are doing financially (year to date). A few things…


Free Kindle Books

I love my Kindle, as does my wife and her Kindle. Besides saving space in the house and the convenience,…


Value Added Tax

If you have been around the net, you may have heard about the “Value Added Tax” or VAT. But what…


Tax Software

Doesn’t that title put you into the Christmas Spirit? And if you have been following the news Congress has even…


IRS Check Arrives!

We excitedly received a little envelope from the IRS (how many people can ever say that!). We got our check for the adoption refundable tax credit!!! Wo-Hoo! Not only did…Continue Reading →