I got an Ebay Store!

I finally broke down and went through with signing up for an Ebay Store.  It’s been a long time coming. …


What is a Bank?

What makes a Bank a Bank? Banks are generally for-profit.  What this means to you is that a bank will…


On being Debt-Free

I happened over to pfblogs.org and happened to notice a post by Mighty Bargain Hunter( who has recently joined the Money Blog…


Educational Money Savvy Pig

Money Savvy Generation has a product available called the Money Savvy Pig.  It’s a piggy bank with 4 chambers each labeled…


Your Savings Strategy(Part 2)

The Savings Ladder: The savings ladder is made up of several “rungs”.  The first rung is the most liquid of the rungs and consists of “emergency” savings.  This rung should…Continue Reading →