I use Debix to help protect me and my family against identity theft. Every year about this time they do a public records scan to see if there is any evidence of misuse of our children’s social security numbers. We are willing to pay extra for this service because our three children are adopted and we know of at least four other people outside our family who know their social security numbers – and one of these people is in prison for theft and another individual is not what you would call an upstanding citizen either!

This past week I received a phone call from Debix that after performing their scan they found suspicious activity regarding my youngest daughter’s social security number. In order for them to investigate further I had to send them documents:

  • copy of child’s social security number
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of my driver’s license (verify my identity)
  • copy of a utility bill (verify my identity)

So I have faxed the information (people still use faxes!), and am now waiting to hear the results from their further investigation. Hopefully it is just a false positive and everything is okay. But either way we are protected and we have the Debix team on our side to do the leg work and paperwork to help clear up the matter if necessary.

So if you have children this is something to think about. My understanding from talking with knowledgeable individuals is that child identity theft is on the rise.

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