I love my Kindle, as does my wife and her Kindle. Besides saving space in the house and the convenience, I love the free books you can get! I like old books, and many of those older books can be found in the public domain. For example, I love old detective stories, especially those written at the end of the nineteenth century or the beginning of the twentieth century (1880’s – 1930’s). And I have found many of them for free, and the few that I have bought were only $1.99.

My wife has found several sites where she can find out books that are free on amazon. Some sites are: blognews@inspiredreads.com , FreeKindleBooks@PixelofInk.com , and admin@ereadernewstoday.com (sorry – couldn’t get the links to work right!).

So if you have a Kindle, or are planning on getting one soon, you might want to check these sites out to build up your free library. Have fun!