We excitedly received a little envelope from the IRS (how many people can ever say that!). We got our check for the adoption refundable tax credit!!! Wo-Hoo! Not only did we get the check, but they added interest to it. I know the IRS charges interest, but I didn’t know they ever paid interest. That was a nice little bonus.

We even made a special trip to the bank to get that check deposited. And then as soon as the check cleared I transferred the money into our on-line savings account so we could start earning a little more interest. Most of the money is going to our emergency fund and our car purchase fund. Not exciting but necessary. Part of it is going to help fund my wife’s trip to Spain next year for a wedding, so she was very excited to see that check.

I was really hoping to get the check before August since who knows what will happen between congress and the president over this debt ceiling issue. Now I can relax a little.

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