Just a bunch of odds and ends I though I needed to update you on:

  1. Debix, the identity theft protection company I use, got back to me on the issue of someone possibly stealing my youngest child’s identity. It turns out that everything is okay. I guess it was a “false positive”. So that is good news. I am glad someone is watching out for my back!
  2. We got the bill back for the car repairs on our Explorer. I knew the bill was going to be at least a $1000, but it turns out the bill is for about $1500. Yikes. Another hit to the emergency fund!
  3. Speaking of taking a hit, we learned a hard lesson the other day with our phones. Downloaded an app for my girls dealing with horses. Our youngest child asked if she could buy something for the horse. We asked what and looked and it was only a dollar, so we entered the information and purchased it for her. Unknown to us, that information stays in the phone and you don’t have to log in again for fifteen minutes. Yes, in fifteen minutes are youngest daughter unknowingly and innocently bought some other goodies for the horse to the tune of $250! Neither my wife nor I were feeling well that evening (sinus infection for her and bronchitis for me), but now we were really sick! Called the credit card company and emailed the apple store. Fortunately the charges will be removed!
  4. My wife has started substitute teaching. She is a certified teacher and this is a way to bring in some extra income (to pay for car repairs!). She has a lot of flexibility of when she can work (everything is computerized and you can block off days you are not available) and the hours are perfect – she can always be home when the girls are.  Her goal is just to work one day a week which would gross us $400 a month ($100 a day).
  5. Some of our family is finally starting to get healthy. A week ago we all had to go to the doctor! Wife had sinus infection, I had bronchitis, two of the girls had strep throat, and one of the girls had a double ear infection. We all got drugs! Our oldest daughter will be seeing a ear, nose, and throat specialist in two weeks – sounds like tonsil surgery.

How is your family doing? I am hoping we can turn the corner on car and medical bills soon!

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