Refinancing Our Mortgage – Approved!

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I called Wells Fargo to check on the status of our Home Mortgage Refinance – we have been approved! Just waiting now for formal notification in writing (or by email). The refinancing lowered our monthly payment by over $90 per month, but we will be paying an extra $100 on the principal every month so we can pay the loan down faster. So by refinancing (and making the extra payment which is only a little more than our current payment) we will reduced our loan length by over 4 years. And the refinancing did not cost us anything. Sweet!

If I get a raise this year (which I should find out hopefully by the end of October) I hope to take some of that raise and pay even more on the principal every month. I would love to get this paid off within 20 years (even less if possible).

Table of Contents

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