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There are times when it pays to buy a “gift card” for yourself. The other day our family was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory for clothes for the girls – dresses, boots, and coats. There was a sign on the way in that advertised that if you bought a $50 gift card they would give you a $5 off coupon to be used on a future purchase. So after we finished shopping, I added up the damage in my head (over $150 dollars!). Then before we checked out, I went on ahead and bought three $50 gift cards and received my three $5 off coupons. I then used the gift cards to pay for our purchases that day. I now have three $5 off coupons to use on our next visit – which will probably be in January. Fifteen dollars off for just buying three gifts cards and using them the same day – not a bad deal.

Other stores let you do this also. Another example I have seen (but have not done yet) is at Turkey Hill (a regional gas and convenience store). If you buy certain gift cards for $25 or more (things like itunes, etc.), you get $1 off per gallon of gas on that visit. So you could do the same thing – buy a gift card they you would use anyway, then save on gas.

Sometimes it pays to give yourself a “gift” and reward yourself with savings!

Table of Contents

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