Well we finally did it. As you may recall from an earlier post my wife and I were deciding whether to sell our silverware that had been given to us by my parents. And surprisingly, they did not care if we sold it or not – they did not have any emotional attachment to it. We have had it for a year or two and only used it once or twice. Frankly, it was a pain to have to hand wash everything.

So we sold it. I looked online, even got a quote from a national company that deals in buying silverware (and reselling it). In the end, we went local. The quotes I got from various places were pretty similar, but we settled on the store that we had used before for some other jewelry items. The net result? We received $1,145 for the silver. Not bad.

So what will we do with the money? Part of it we used to buy a gift for a friend, we also used a little to buy some new “silverware”. We were using 3 partial sets that we had acquired over the years from friends and family. So we gave all that away and now have one nice set (five piece set for 20 people) for everyday use (that we can use the dishwasher on!). After those expenditures we have about $700 that we have set aside—we are thinking about getting a laptop to replace our 5 year old desktop that is starting to show its age. We will do some research and keep thinking – we don’t want to rush into anything.

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