I have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning. I hate the work and the time it takes, but I love the results -getting the house organized and removing the junk. Another thing I like is that I can make a little money off of it! Sometimes we have items to sell (yard sale, etc.); sometimes we have items for local charities (think tax deduction); sometimes we have things we barter or trade with others. Of course sometimes we just give the items away to someone who needs it (always a good feeling).

I also like when others do spring cleaning. For example the girls have gotten a lot of clothing from friends and family. And right now I just got a rotor tiller from a family member – they are getting ready to downsizing their house and are doing some serious spring cleaning. And of course there are the bargains at yards sales which I can benefit from.

All in all spring cleaning is a way to save money and make money, and have your home looking better! Not a bad deal.

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