Doesn’t that title put you into the Christmas Spirit? And if you have been following the news Congress has even passed some changes that will affect our 2011 taxes. But before we worry about that their is still 2010 taxes to pay! And that means either doing it yourself with paper and pen, or hiring a professional, or using a tax software program. And right about now you should start seeing ads for those programs.

I am changing software this year. For the past three years I was using the software from H&R Block-formally called Taxcut then last year called H&R at Home. Whatever name they give it this year I will not be using it. Did not like it last year and it added steps and incorrectly made me file by paper instead of being able to do it online.

So this year I was going to try Turbotax. Well, I just got a call from my Dad (he’s a retired Certified Financial Planner). Anyway, he uses Turbotax for his return, but also to help out my brother on his return, and for a blind friend of his. It seems that you are allowed to do up to five different tax returns with Turbotax. So…I will be using Turbotax this year and will not even have to buy it!

The only drawback is that I will have to drive about an hour away to use it, but the grandkids will want to see their grandparents anyway (plus I will have free babysitting while I am calculating away!).

I love saving money! (Especially on doing taxes). I am almost excited!

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